Ángel León González has been awarded the Mediterranean of the Year Award for his career and international prestige, as well as for his contribution to reducing the ecological footprint and environmental impact in the Mediterranean through gastronomic research and innovation.

Ángel León González, the Chef of the Sea


The gastronomy of Ángel León, known as Chef del Mar (the Chef of the Sea), represents an example of good practice in the fight against climate change and the sustainable use of marine resources, as well as socio-economic revitalization, based on innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Through his initiative, it has been possible for the first time in history to nurture seagrass in a controlled manner and close its reproductive cycle. The use of seagrass for food production proposed by Chef del Mar contributes to the fight against climate change due to its ability to absorb and retain a large amount of carbon in the sediment, presenting the possibility of planting this type of crop and its consumption as a strategy in the framework of the fight against climate change, in line with the European Green Deal. It is a project that has the backing of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), as well as renowned scientists and oceanographers from around the world.

Ángel León has the ability to use only sea products in his recipes, contributing both to the sustainable use of marine resources and, therefore, to a sustainable blue economy, as well as to the exploitation of new resources. In the same way, the use of discards of fish is an excellent example that, in addition to being innovative, contributes to food security and sovereignty, thus helping to face the climate crisis and the loss of biodiversity.

Many distinctions have been awarded to Ángel León, including the Andalusian Medal; the Sustainability Award at the Michelin Stars gala; or the recognition of its Aponiente restaurant with three Michelin stars (2010, 2014 and 2017); to which must be added a Michelin star for his Alevante restaurant (2017). His list of awards also includes three ‘Suns’ from the Repsol Guide.