Leila Mezian Benjelloun’s candidature has been awarded the Mediterranean Women’s Award for her commitment with the preservation and promotion of history, heritage, language, culture and education in the Mediterranean; inter-Mediterranean collaboration and support for the most disadvantaged sectors, including women and girls in rural areas.

Leila Mezian Benjelloun


Leila Mezian is a Moroccan philanthropist who dedicates her efforts to defending multiculturalism and promoting the culture of the Berber/Amazigh people. Her programs aim to contribute to the progress of local communities, facilitating access to free universal education for people in need and supporting small economic projects to generate income for families without resources.

She also carries out significant work for the preservation of historical heritage —by restoring and enhancing the value of important monuments in danger in Morocco— and the promotion of inter-Mediterranean South-North cooperation, especially between this country and Spain.

She has received numerous recognitions, awards and tributes, among which it is worth highlighting the Badge of Officer of the Legion of Honour of the Republic of France in 2020, or the Order of Wisam Alawite which the King of Morocco bestowed upon her in 2016.

Leila Mezian collaborates with the Board of Trustees of the Alhambra and the Generalife and with the Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies through the creation of the International Chair of Amazigh Culture and a library specialized in the societies and cultures of the MENA region.