An-Najah National University has been recognized with the Mediterranean Green Award for its work in reducing the environmental impact in the Mediterranean and its contribution to improving the living conditions of vulnerable communities.

An-Najah National University


Since 2007, An-Najah National University has been one of the pioneering institutions in promoting PV solar systems by installing off-grid systems in rural areas without basic services. In this period, it has managed to bring electricity to more than 25 communities with a total population of nearly 2,400 people.

In 2017, An-Najah University conducted a comprehensive study of non-electrified rural areas in Palestine and found out that the Al-Birin community in Hebron had land for agriculture and livestock, but suffered from lack of water and electricity, and it also had obsolete farming techniques that limited the quantity and quality of the products obtained. This community was therefore suitable for implementing the photovoltaic solar system project for electricity and water pumping, so that both its domestic and production needs (houses, schools and a local clinic) were covered, as well as the lighting of its streets. The project in Al-Birin has received funding from the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation.

A study on the impact of this initiative in Al-Birin concluded that electrification with solar panels in rural areas not only significantly affects the environment, but also changes the status of these small communities, producing economic and socio-cultural transformations, reducing poverty and positively impacting health, education and childcare, as well as female employment.